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The Heaven Tree Trilogy

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

This is a book I have to include in my very first Blog Debut Website. To me this is a CLASSIC and is comparable to other great sweeping novels such as Gone With the Wind and the great Dr. Zhivago. This is one of my Top Ten BEST novels ever!

Review: The Heaven Tree Trilogy by Edith Pargeter

Published: October 1, 1993

This is a book I purchased years ago, one I have lent out numerous times and because it wasn’t always returned, a book I’ve bought several times.

Because it is such a masterpiece of human emotion I would feel bereft if it were not in my library to read again. Oh, Kindle people would you please put it in Digital form!

Most people might be put off by its size of almost 900 pages but think of it this way – it’s really three books in one! Actually once you get into it, you might not want to put it down. It may be (as some people have said) that it is slow in the beginning ( I didn’t feel that). This is historical fiction and a poignant love story combined at its finest.

13th Century

It is set in 13th century with all the turmoil of King John's raucous rule. Characters are well rounded, but Harry Talvace in the first book becomes dear to one's heart and stays that way till the end of the entire trilogy.

Then you have Ralf Isambard – and there are no words to describe this character! Hate him, soften a little, then hate him all over again. All I can say is Isambard is definitely a character who gives meaning to the words “emotional rollercoaster”!

The story of this noble turned stonecutter in the often brutal medieval period was nothing short of magnificent. Although this book is out of print and quite lengthy (899 pages) it is well worth the historical romance lovers time to read this magnificent story! Love, honor, hate, feuds and heart wrenching forgiveness.

This novel covered it all. Absolutely fabulous! I cried so much in the last chapters that someone walking in on me thought a family member died.

Try your best to find a copy and do take the time to read. This is one of the finest pieces of historical literature I have ever come across and why it has never been noticed by the movie titans to be brought to life on the big screen I will never know!

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