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The Suicide House by Charlie Donlea

After reading author Donlea’s SOME CHOOSE DARKNESS, I became not only a fan of this authors writing but also of his creation of Rory Moore, a forensic reconstructionist. No, I didn’t know what a forensic reconstructionist was but I soon found out and was hooked.

In THE SUICIDE HOUSE, the reader is introduced to a very disturbed young person who has already committed murder twice. Then skip forward 15- 20 years later to a prestigious prep school where it seems the young students are engaged in a frightening type of secret society. Not only have there been murders/apparent suicides being committed, but the latest were two students killed in a grisly slaughter.

Apparently a blogger has been following these murders/suicides and has engaged the help of a famous psychologist Lane Phillips to help him discover what is going on. Lane has also convinced his partner and lover Rory Moore to come with him to determine if these particularly clean and clueless murders can be solved.

However, the villain doesn’t want these cases to be solved and has taken steps to block the efforts of Lane and the blogger by trying to kill them. Rory arrived just in time and luckily Lane survived. Rory is now more than determined to pick up the pieces of this cold case to discover where and to who it leads.

Rory is an amazing character and Donlea gives her very little to go on but with

imagination and a very minuscule clue, Rory manages to piece together a trail of murderous intentions over a couple of decades which pretty much leads her to becoming another victim of the serial killer.

I love Donlea’s thought process with all the twists and turns that are dropped sparingly, here and there. Halfway through the book you might almost think you know who ‘did it’! However, you’ll be wrong! Pre-order this book and enjoy the brilliant writing of Mr. Donlea and become a fan not only of his writing but of Rory Moore!

This is an absolute must for those who are looking for the best in a suspense thriller!

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