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The Prince of Broadway by Joanna Shupe

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

THE PRINCE OF BROADWAY is the second novel in author Joanna Shupe’s Uptown Girls series. It pits a ruthless and powerful casino owner, Clayton Madden, against the likes of Florence Greene, who just happens to be the daughter of the man Clayton has spent his entire life with one act of revenge to accomplish – Ruin the man who destroyed Clay’s family!

Florence, in the beginning, had no idea of the burning hatred Clayton had for her father. In fact, her reason for visiting the ‘no women allowed’ upscale exclusive casino was to get to meet and proposition the mysterious owner. Florence wants an independent life including to learn how to run a casino from the bottom up so she could open her own exclusive casino - just for women! Naturally, the beauteous Ms. Greene has broken down Clays resistance. Even though he has let her now that he plans to ruin her father, but stubborn as she is, Florence feels she can convince him otherwise.

Ms. Shupe took these two very stubborn protagonists and gives the reader a delightful taste of scenarios where both are trying to best one another. Naturally, both are passionately drawn to another and the sensualness of their encounters are steamy to say the least. Toss in the realities of dirty police and political payoffs to remain in business during those early days in New York City and you have a great paced and satisfying read of shady business deals and, of the powerful and the needy.

Don’t miss the secret room scene where Clay and Florence had to hide while his Casino was raided! Pretty risque to say the least!

Bottom line - is this was a fast read – 95% of can’t put it down-ness – and another feather in the cap of Ms. Shupe’s great new series of the Uptown Girls.

Marilyn Rondeau

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