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The Mask of Duplicity by Julia Brennan

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

The Jacobite Chronicles - Book 1

Up until her father’s death, Beth had led a quiet sheltered life taking care of her father through his illness, there wasn’t a lot of money but she and the last of the family retainers were comfortable and made do with what they could barter and trade.

All of that would change when Beth’s brother Richard returns from the army to claim his share of the family estate and Beth’s hopes of a quiet life are dashed when Richard, chagrined with his meagre inheritance and desperate for a promotion decides to force Beth into a marriage for his military gain. And Richard will stop at nothing to get his way.

Beth is coerced into a reconciliation with her noble cousins in order to marry well and escape her brutal brother. She is then thrown into the glittering social whirl of Georgian high society and struggles to conform (while trying to hide her Catholicism).

The effeminate but witty socialite Sir Anthony Peters offers to ease her passage into society and she is soon besieged by suitors eager to get their hands on her considerable dowry.

Follow along as Beth try to discern who is friend and who is foe, where nothing is what it seems, and all seem to be hiding behind masks. Who to trust? Begin the adventure into the life of Beth Cunningham, her family and friends during the days leading up to the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745.

This is one series I am anxious to follow, not only to see how Beth gets out from under her brothers brutal hands, but to discover the secrets behind the shocking and effeminate Sir Anthony – friend or foe?


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