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The Last Victim

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

As I begin a new venture of having my own Book Review Blog - I want to start off with treating you to the FIRST book in two of the most Amazing SERIES I have had the pleasure to start and become completely addicted to! Hope you become addicted too!

Charlotte (Charlie) Stone is a survivor.  The only witness to an infamous Boardwalk serial killer’s bloody massacre of her friends family.  That was twenty years ago, and now Charlie is a famous and sought-after expert in criminal pathology who sits face-to-face with madmen.

Fabulous! 5-Stars!

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! I was immediately ensnared with THE LAST VICTIM from the very first pages.  A serial killer resurfaces after twenty years, or is he a copy cat? Our heroine Charlie sees dead people, and some of them even talk to her.   Wow, I mean THE LAST VICTIM was in a word - Amazing! 

Charlie has made it her life’s work to learn what makes a human being turn into a monstrous animal-like killing machine.  The Boardwalk killer was never found, possibly went under ground because of Charlie’s witnessing his crime.   Now, either the Boardwalk killer or a copycat has resurfaced and the FBI has come to Charlie for help.  Only Charlie really wants no part of visiting murder scenes, mainly because the souls/spirits of the newly murdered victims aren’t really gone - Charlie sees them!

Charlie was just trying to carry on with her life the best she could. Working with inmates in a high security prison the reader is introduced to Michael Garland serving time as a bad-ass serial killer, who just happens to be drop dead gorgeous (think Ted Bundy) charming serial killer.  As it turns out, Garland is knifed in prison and try as she might to save him, he dies as Charlie did her best to save him.  Only, a day later he comes back asking her to help him figure out what’s going on.  This is where the story, which I thought was going to be a serious suspense action takes a turn at some very humorous antics when Garland keeps popping up at the most inopportune times and Charlie is flustered, being seen to be either talking/arguing at air all the while she is trying to help to track down the newest serial killer.

Sit up and take notice - a great read!

By Ms. Robards tossing in some cleverly created FBI agents including a possible love interest for Charlie; a Gung Ho female agent trying to act tough; and a variety of other ghostly sightings that Charlie can’t confess to seeing (or she’d be shipped off to a looney bin)! The pace is fast and furious.   Add to that the clues and the seriousness of trying to prevent another teenage girl from being murdered and tossed under the boardwalk, you have a completely thrilling ride.

Now give it a (never saw it coming) twist at the end, coupled  with the ghostly spirit of Garland complete with Charlie’s flustered and sensual interactions,  THE LAST VICTIM is a book to sit up and take notice.  AND, if there are sequels planned for Charlie and Garland’s ghost waiting in the future - I for one cannot wait!   HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

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