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The Janes by Louisa Luna

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

SERIES: Alice Vega Book #2

Wow, wow, wow!

That’s what you get when I find a book that completely keeps me up all night! Alice Vega is one bad-ass heroine whom I must find out about! - That means I’m going to go backwards to find Two Girls Down, Book 1of the Alice Vega Series - to see what I can find out about her past because she is one enthralling character!

Two bodies have shown up and local police have called in Alice Vega to help them on the case. Right off the bat - police calling in PI’s? How much are they paying? Off the books? Something just doesn’t feel right but Vega’s got a reputation for finding the missing and these two Janes have NOT been identified YET! Still…..

Well, you get the picture, so Alice calls in another PI, Max Caplan, whom she knows and works well with. (She is not easy to work with! LOL) Together they begin to realize things aren’t necessarily adding up.

Alice fearing the case leads to human trafficking is determined to find the answers to – who these girls were and find any others before they have more Janes showing up dead in the deserts!

This is an absolutely dynamite duo from this new to me author of intelligent crime fiction!

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