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The Girl In the White Gloves by Kitty Maher

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Most all have heard the fairy tale story of the movie star Grace Kelley who at the pinnacle of her success was whisked away by the Prince of Monaco, to become his esteemed Princess. A Cinderella story to most people but author Kitty Maher takes another look and fashions in a bit of fiction to tell the tale of a frustrated movie star, who still wanted to be an actress - the role Grace felt was the life she was born to.

To most Grace lived the idyllic life sitting high above the are cliffs looking out over the Mediterranean Sea, but only she knew the truth of the behind the fame of being a royal – what she had given up and the betrayal of the man she loved to become his most Esteemed Princess.

Yes, she had her children, but even that had become a battle when Rainer insisted on a hands-on approach to raising his heir leaving very little time for grace to interact with her son. She had say in raising her daughter Caroline, but Rainer would have complete control over Albert.

While the author did take literary license in the telling of this story with fictionalized scenarios, the interviews with Grace were actually quite telling in that one could pretty much read this novel and understand that for the most part, Grace had ended up as the prize in a gilded cage.

For all the beautiful surroundings and for the career she had given up, one can plainly see that all the wealth and fame of being a royal didn’t buy happiness.

This was quite interesting, and as THE GIRL IN THE WHITE GLOVES, Grace Kelley almost had it all!

Marilyn Rondeau

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