• Marilyn Rondeau

The Devil of Downtown by Joanna Shupe

Uptown Girls #3

Such a shame that this is the last book in what has been a most delightful series.

The three daughters of Duncan Greene, were high society ladies and expected to make brilliant matches, but they were stubborn, intelligent, and determined to live life as they saw fit. The older two were not a surprise when they chose their destinies, but the youngest Justine the quiet, un-assuming, do-gooder, whom everyone assumed needed protection was not cut from the same cloth - Justine was a warrior and very few knew it!

Jack Mulligan was a Manhattan Kingpin, brilliant mastermind, and a gentleman gangster. Orphaned and abandoned at a young age, he survived on strength, cunning and ambition - wisely seeing what needed to be done to keep and expand his territory. He knew that to stay on top, he needed to build a wall around his heart, for to care or love - showed a weakness enemies could use against him. It was then he met Justine Greene who had come to ask a favor.

Right from the start I fell in love love with Justine - talk about ‘badass’! On her way to force a meeting with Mulligan she was attacked and with some amazing skills she saved herself . Too funny and not to miss.

But the best are the dialogs which take place between Mulligan and Justine with both gaining and losing in these negotiations until they knew that this game they played was akin to “foreplay”.

One of the best of the three book series and a shame it had to come to and end. Loved the series and especially loved THE DEVIL OF DOWNTOWN! It’s coming out soon so Pre-order before you miss out!

Marilyn Rondeau

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