• Marilyn Rondeau

Stranger In the Mirror by Tina Westcott

Series: Love and Light #2

As a followup to UNTIL I DIE AGAIN, one gets to see what happened to Hallie DeBarto when she wakes up in the wrong body. The EMT had sworn she was dead but she woke not in her Hallie DiBarto body but as Marti West, a quiet but calculating waitress in a Florida hick town. Okay, in her mind Hallie knew she had made a lot of mistakes, but this! How could she ever settle in as a bit of a mousey little housewife and pregnant with Jesse West’s child as well!

Hallie was teetering on the edge of a bitter divorce when she was struck with a cerebral stroke, now she was in the body of woman who had been assaulted and raped. All she can think of is wanting to get back to California and her old life. But, Jesse had one request – stay until the baby is born.

Hallie struggles to conform to this new life and his tight-knit family, but now she is also trying to stay alive as the person who assaulted her is still on her track and waiting to finish the job of murdering her.

Wow, this was quite the mystery and really had a lot of edge-of-the-seat moments as well as a lot of sensualness as Jessi and Marti/Hallie began to have feelings for one another. The villain in the piece was pretty much kept a secret up until the spine chilling end although I had figured it out by then. However, it truly was a great story and as this series is nowhere to being done. I am looking forward to grabbing more books in this Love and Light series.

Marilyn Rondeau

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