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Shadow Game

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

This is another First Book in the GHOSTWALKER series which just gets better and better as the experiments inflicted on the men and women of the Dr Whitney’s experiments get more and more outrageous! I listened to most of these via Audible books and the Performance by Tom Stechschulte was always outstanding!

Review: Shadow Game by Christine Feehan

Series: GHOSTWALKERS Book #1

Audiobook Performed by: Tom Stechschulte

Rating: 5*

With the beginning of the GHOSTWALKER series by one of the Queens of the Paranormal genre, Christine Feehan tells the story of a brilliant billionaire scientist, Dr Peter Whitney, who experimented with humans who exhibited naturally strong psychic powers.

Working with a government grant, Whitney solicited willing volunteers for experimental purposes and then genetically tried to mold them into soldiers with superpowers. Unfortunately, the tests while enhancing some attributes also came with harmful side effects. Not liking the direction his work seemed to be going, Dr. Peter Whitney brought his gifted daughter Lily Whitney in to consult on the top-secret project. The group of highly trained military men under the command of Captain Ryland Miller, had originally volunteered for the program, but were now treated as prisoners. Ryland and his men had become virtually guinea pigs - never realizing that once trusted government officials were betraying his men and our country. Lily realized at once that something had gone terribly wrong for her father to want her opinion, brilliant as she was, Lily herself had been one of her ‘fathers’ experiments. Before Lily could question her father on what was really happening - he was killed and Lily was a psychic witness to his death. Devastated, it would be up to Lily to help Ryland and his men decipher her fathers notes and try to save them all before they were all exterminated in an experiment falsely labeled as a failure.

Talk About Suspense!

Talk about creativity and astonishing plotting complete with twists and turns; with who’s the bad guy; who do you trust? Then pick this up and become completely enthralled with the amazing rush you’re going to get as you delve deeper into Lily and Ryland’s world.

From the moment Lily and Ryland met on opposite sides of his barred cell both parties felt the ground shake and if that doesn’t tell you anything like maybe I just found my soul-mate I don’t know what would. The one thing that Lily and Ryland had going for them was the ability to mind-talk allowing them the privacy they needed for Lily to question what really had been going on at the facility. After discovering what horrible things were happening and with more ‘accidents’ planned Lily along with Ryland hurried to escalate escape plans before Ryland and his were eliminated.

This was an enormously fast-paced book with numerous things happening fast and furious as Lily worked against time and pressures trying to learn more about the other members of the team. Each had something quite unique in their make-up - and Lily being the only one that might be able to help them function in the outside world – before she could coordinate their escape.

Now, I listened to this as an audio book and normally male readers don’t always get the female voices correct but I want to applaud Tom Stechschulte for actually doing a pretty fair job with Lily’s voice, and I absolutely adored the N’orleans twang he gave to Gator (he made him sound sooooo sexy).

The story was great, the sex was extremely sensual while I wanted more action. HOWEVER, ShadowGame was one amazing book and I can’t wait to read the sequels because this GHOSTWALKER series is just plain awesome! LOVED IT!!

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