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Second Sight by Sharon Sala

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

After having read SECOND SIGHT (my first ever book by author Sharon Sala ) I could kick myself in the butt for never having read her before! The unbelievable story line, the characterizations, and of course my new favorite heroine Wyrick –

Wow - Wow - Wow!

Charlie Dodge is one hell of a private eye and can take his pick of cases. He carries a very personal burden of caring for his beloved wife who is dealing with early onset Alzheimers. But when he gets a phone call from a frantic woman stating her daughter has been kidnapped by her ex-husband. Charlie is more than ready to take on the case especially when his partner Wyrick discovers the daughter was taken into a cult called Fourth Dimension. The cult’s rumored purpose is to gather men with psychic abilities with the goal of breeding a race of people who have supernatural powers. Once accepted into the cult, men are given a young girl to marry in exchange for one of their own daughters.

The FBI had been monitoring the cult’s activities, but Charlie and his assistant, Wyrick, aren’t bound by the same rules as the feds. They head to the mountains of West Virginia to infiltrate the cult’s compound. The lives of children are at stake, and Charlie and Wyrick will risk all to destroy the cult and its leader—no matter the cost—because this case is personal.

I simply loved Wyrick - such a mysterious, brilliant, bad-ass with an amazing get-it-done attitude! Not to mention kind, considerate, nasty, generous, outlandish and just a little bit in love with Charlie who has no idea! Now this is not to say Charlie is a slouch but together, they are like Batman and Robin! Charlie and Wyrick tracked down the cult, but taking them down before their manic insanity of being caught would lead them to do the unthinkable would require perfect timing.

The action, the suspense and the story was top notch and Wyrick is definitely a character I want to learn more about! This is a Highly Recommended Crime Suspense read and Sharon Sala is going to be both a catch-up and auto-buy author for me!!

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