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Scot Under the Covers by Suzanne Enoch

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

What a unique and fun scenario Ms. Enoch created in this novel; especially considering how the heroine (soon to be victim) did such a stupendous job of totally insulting and tearing a strip down her soon to be heroes back! For Miranda Harris once she discovered Highlander Aden MacTaggert was a habitual gambler she was totally disgusted (even if he was drop-dead gorgeous) and wanted nothing to do with him - even realizing that he would soon be connected to her family through a marriage of her brother to his sister!

Soon after, Miranda is introduced to her brother’s best friend’s cousin. Miranda’s first meeting with Captain Robert Vale, whom she disliked on sight, but perception changed drastically after he informed her that she would be marrying him and to ask her brother for confirmation! Her brother had effectively gambled her away to the tune of 50,000 pounds that he had absolutely no way of repaying! She now LOATHED the man and she wasn’t too pleased with her brother either.

Knowing that she had to get some assistance, who does she turn to but another gambler who right now isn’t any kind of a fan of hers - after she raked him over the coals for his interest in gambling. Now she needed him to save her family honor and especially to save her!!

They became partners! Miranda will help him navigate London society and he’ll teach her everything about wagering…and win back her freedom. The beautiful, clever lass intrigued Aden―but was she playing her own game, or are the sparks between them real? He is accustomed to risking his pocket. But betting on Miranda’s love is a game he couldn’t afford to lose.

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