• Marilyn Rondeau

Say Yes to the Duke by Eloisa James

The Wildes of Lindow Castle #5

First of all, I absolutely love Eloisa James books – her plots, her characters, dialogs, sensualness. Secondly, I think this WILDES of LINDOW CASTLE is one of the best series and hope it continues for a while!

Miss Viola Astley is extremely shy – by extremely – I’m referring to sick to her stomach, ready to vomit and often does. Possibly in a planter, or on someone’s shoes – wherever it comes upon her. The thought of dancing with a stranger, at her upcoming London debut is sending her into spasms of worry and grief.

Meeting a handsome, quiet vicar with no interest in polite society Viola finds her nervous condition a thing of the past. However, just when she thinks she’s caught the vicar’s attention, her reputation is compromised by a duke.

Devin Lucas Augustus Elstan, Duke of Winter will stop at nothing to marry Viola, including marrying a woman whom he believes to be in love with another man. He knows he’s no saint, but he’s used to conquest and won’t accept NO for an answer and knows that Viola is exactly the wife he needs.

I loved all the characters and how they were portrayed – along with the most amusing dialogs ever! I enjoyed quite a few laugh out loud chuckles throughout and when a book does that for me I am fully involved. One other thing – I feel each book is stand-alone! Loved this and HIGHLY RECOMMEND both this book and the entire series!!!

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