• Marilyn Rondeau

Red Hatchet Falls: by Susan Clayton-Goldner

Locals have described the idyllic town of Ashland, nestled in the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains a little piece of heaven set down in the beautiful state of Oregon. However, somewhere in this idyllic town in Lithia Park an immense evil lurks.

While walking his pet raccoon, 72-year-old Homer Sullivan spotted something shiny and sparkling in the leaves near Ashland Creek. Thinking he had discovered a bit of a treasure, Homer was excited to rush over to retrieve it. Except to find it was both a treasure and a curse – for it was still attached to a severed hand. Homer had to get a hold of Detective Radhauser ASAP!

Detective Winston Radhauser always searches for the truth and with the timing set just eight months after 9-11, a young Islamic family is terrorized, and the severed hand is just the beginning.

This is Book #7 of the Winston Radhauser Mysteries and the author has crafted a brilliant and compassionate hero whom I have come to love. Winston has had his share of sorrow and tragedy which makes him a most beloved character for the role of hero. He has the ability to see beyond the black and white issues and realize that gray also matters. Amidst several scenarios and early identifiable clues Winston knows he is up against a brilliant and cunning killer, so much so that he arrests a man he knows didn’t commit a crime but was forced to follow orders.

As you get into this story, you will most likely feel the emotional pull this author casts to get you fully involved and totally embroiled in the story. Besides racial prejudice, betrayal, bullying, and child abuse this story covers a multitude of sins and the finale will leave you with a fistful of wet tissues.

Very HIGHLY recommended!

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