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Open Season by Linda Howard

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I have been a fan of Linda Howard’s suspense novels for some time and always look forward to anything she writes, so when the opportunity to buy this Audiobook came along - I jumped on it!

And before I say anything else about the content- the narrator Deborah Hazlett was amazing!

I loved her portrayal of Daisy and all the numerous secondary characters were done to perfection!

The prologue of this book started out with an edge-of-your-seat scenario that sets up the suspense with young girls being brought from Mexico to America - the land of the free. Only these girls would never be free.

Enter Daisy Minor, on her thirty-fourth birthday taking a long look at her life so far. As the town librarian, she realized her life was boring and her biological clock was ticking down. She hadn’t gone out on a date in the last ten years and decided to do something about it. After trying a few cosmetics from the local drug store she realized she needed help and reached out to her ‘gay’ friend Todd Lawrence who took her under his wing and transformed her into a great looking party girl with a totally new look and wardrobe.

First night out on the town, she dances the night away; avoids being served a date-rape treated drink; and ends up causing a huge bar fight; then picked up and carried out of the bar by the new sheriff in town, Jack Russo! All of a sudden it seems that each time Daisy tries to go dancing, who should be there but Jack Russo, scaring away any potential men she might want to marry!

Meanwhile, Daisy has inadvertently stumbled into the wrong place at the wrong time and now has a target on her back. Jack Russo, who only wanted to keep the town librarian out of trouble has found he doesn’t want anything to happen to this aggravating woman whom he can’t seem to stop thinking about!

All I can say is while the suspense of discovering what is going on with the missing girls; bodies turning up; and the captivating romance, most will find this as refreshing and fantastic as I did!

Marilyn Rondeau

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