• Marilyn Rondeau

Marquess of Malice by Tammy Anderson

Book 2 of 7: Lords of Scandal

The Marquess of Malicorn, or referred to most recently as the Lord of Malice was in want of a bride. After all he had to do his duty and get himself an heir whereby, he could then ship her off to the country.

Malice, doesn’t have room in his life for love, so a quiet biddable, little mouse whom no one really notices would serve him well. And so, he approaches the Lady Cornelia and abruptly asks for her hand in marriage. However, this little mouse has no qualms in not only refusing him but letting him know in uncertain terms!

What? He thought any debutante would be lucky to catch a Marquess! But what would Cordelia find about him that she would flatly refuse? However, Cordelia had no intention of marrying the rude, surly, oafish man, who wanted her only as a broodmare!

Cordelia wanted love! However, when Lord Malicorn wasn’t talking, he was rather handsome, and when he holds her in his arms she has a tendency to melt. What’s a girl to do?

All the characters in this book were a total delight. I loved the interplay between Malice and Cordelia, especially when Malice was discovering why he was having a hard time concentrating on anything else but the little sprite who refused his proposal. Although, when he commiserated with his friends over the exact wordage and how he proposed, they made him realize what a clueless ass he had been.

This was a wonderful read and the scenario of a rejected lover trying to expose the owners of a gambling den own up to being involved with gambling while portraying themselves as leading members of the ton was a nicely fashioned story-line.

Marilyn Rondeau

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