• Marilyn Rondeau

Lakeshire Park by Megan Walker

Set in Brighton, England 1820 –

Miss Amelia Moore has only wanted one thing—to protect and secure the future happiness of her younger sister, Clara. With their selfish self-absorbed stepfather’s looming death, the two sisters will soon be out on their own—without family, a home, or a penny to their names. As fate intervened an invitation arrived for the sisters to join a house party at Lakeshire Park, and Amelia grasps at the chance. If she can motivate a match between Clara and their host, Sir Ronald, then if the fates would be kind, her sister will be taken care of.

Unfortunately, what Amelia was unaware of was that another young woman, and her arrogant and overconfident brother, Mr. Peter Wood, is after the same goal. Amelia and Peter begin a rivalry that Amelia has no choice but to win. However, competing against Peter—and eventually playing by his rules—makes Amelia vulnerable to losing the only thing she has left to claim: her heart.

I have to say this was one of the more charming Regency novels I have read in a very long time - no sweeping passion – no blow by blow acts of intercourse, but simply learning to discover another person. Their motives, likes, dislikes, tastes and just discovering goodness in another that makes for a jointly held admiration in discovering traits which make one another happy and content. Such a cozy book for reading to pass the time away and close it feeling – all is right with the world!

And one other thing – kudos to the book cover designer - simply lovely!

Marilyn Rondeau

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