• Marilyn Rondeau

Lake of Bad Dreams by Susan Clayton-Goldner

A Winston Radhauser Mystery #8

When Detective Winston Radhauser received a frantic call, ‘shots fired at Mountain View High School’, he and his partner are on the scene in less than four minutes. It was total chaos - kids running and screaming and other kids trying to help their friends who had been shot. He did what he had to help those in need but then he knew he had to get into the school to see if the shooter was still posing a threat. Scared kids he found in the hallways directed him up to the music rooms on the second floor.

Once there he found two students one barely breathing the other dead. Then he went into practice room #4 where he found two more bodies, a boy and a girl. Kneeling beside the girl he saw a 9mm Glock, her small fingers still curled around it. Most would think she was the shooter – Radhauser did not, and he would not close this case until he could prove it.

Wow, once again Susan Clayton-Gardner has written another marvelous mystery with twists and turns, and high emotions where the reader is totally involved and rooting for Radhauser to discover the real shooter. However, it seemed each time he followed up a hot lead it never panned out. Towards the end, this reader really thought he had it figured out, but once again he was up against a brick wall.

Readers beware, because you will be as astounded as I was to find out who the villain was and one final and emotional twist in this amazing read!

Marilyn Rondeau

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