• Marilyn Rondeau

Immortal Angel : An Argeneau Novel by Lynsay Sands

Ildaria Garcia has been on the run for almost two centuries, and they haven’t been easy years for her. Not only is she running from the Vampire who she bit and accidentally became a vampire, but she just can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble by trying to help humans avoid being killed. As a consequence even the immortals who are her friends can’t always be around to save her from the enforcers! Now she has been moved to another area, hoping she can stay out of trouble for a while.

In Immortal Angel - Sands starts this off with a prologue. As a rule, I love prologues, however one of my chief complaints is that this prologue had very little to do with the story and I have no idea why it was in the story then dealt with extremely off-handedly!

There was some of Sands humor sprinkled in and around the story, but it had more to do with the charming dog in the story than G.G. and Ildiaria. It’s wrapped up with Ildiaria’s finding her life-mate G.G. who happens to be a mortal and knows and works for the immortals, BUT wants no part of becoming an immortal - no matter how much he has fallen in love with Ildiaria.

The ending was probably the best part when Ildiaria, is faced with a second life-mate who does want to spend his immortal life with her, which would be more than the 30 or 40 years G.G. probably has left of his mortal life. Such decisions shouldn’t be so hard for immortals.

As a rule, I love the Argeneau series - this one left me a bit flat!

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