• Marilyn Rondeau

Highland Sword by May McGoldrick


against the spymaster who caused her father's murder, fiery Morrigan Drummond could only keep that one thought in her mind as she fled to the Scottish Highlands. She had a score to settle with Sir Robert Burney, whom she held responsible for his death. But oftentimes, chance meetings can steer one offtrack when she meets up with a barrister, Aiden Grant, who is as proud and principled as she - and who is ready to take the proud beauty on never realizing that despite her small feminine stature, she would give him a fight and bruises he could never have expected.

Unfortunately, once they were formally introduced Aiden discovered that Morrigan was the key to the defense of two innocent men he’d been brought to the Highlands to defend. Beneath the warrior heart and her plans for vengeance, Aiden knew he must convince her to do the right thing in helping him with the defense of these men who would be the next victims of Sir Rupert Burney’s vengeance. But most of all convince her to open her heart to him so that he could marry her!

As usual, this was another fast-paced and complicated adventure set in the Highlands to thwart the English from murdering more innocent men and women who only wanted their freedom. Aiden and Morrigan both had the same warrior hearts and believed in the same causes, but Morrigan’s past was something that she had to overcome, and only Aiden with his compassion and understanding would be able to help her to overcome and bury her past so that they could begin a new future!

Definitely a wonderful new book by the dynamic writing team of May McGoldrick that fans and new readers should get to know!

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