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Engaged To The Earl by Lisa Berne

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Book 4 of 4 in The Penhallow Dynasty series

Gwendolyn Penhallow had finally entered into her first Debutante Season expecting all things wonderful to happen – and guess what – they did! It seemed like from the very first ball, the most handsome man Gwen had ever seen walked into the room, and just like that, their eyes met across the ballroom floor and it was instantaneous love-at-first-sight. He was society’s darling and one of the most eligible bachelors, the Earl of Westenbury, who immediately asked to be introduced to Gwen. From the very first - these two only had eyes for each other and very soon the Earl had asked Gwen for her hand in marriage.

In the meantime, Gwen’s childhood best friend and confidante turned up during her engagement ball. Christopher Beck had been gone for years and not only he is very much alive, but he’s also sinfully attractive, blithely unconventional, and wonderfully fun to be with. Which wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that she’s, well, promised to another. And just what on earth is she going to do about it?

While Gwen thought the Earl was the most handsome man in the world, she was having a few misgivings as she began to dwell upon, such as the wedding location and some details that the Earl seemed to be hedging about.

In the meantime, Gwen was filling her time when the Earl was gone and she was able to enjoy the simple pleasures of relaxing and laughing with her old friend Christopher. But when she realized her cousin just might have been kidnapped and forced to wed, it was Christopher who came to her rescue and accompanied her to try and rescue said cousin.

The author really made this into a really fun and enjoyable Regency Romp with all of the best with what should have been the perfect fiancé - a childhood bad boy come home, and all of the best intentions going terribly wrong! All the characters were amazingly real with emotional pull, and through it all the romance was exceptionally fine with just the right amount of sensuality. I loved it!!

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