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Carnegie's Maid by Marie Benedict

I have been reading so many great books this summer, it is going to be very hard to pick my favorite, but this one, Carnegie’s Maid, is going to be right up there in the running.

Obviously, this was a work of fiction wrapped around the great philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. So what transformed him from the ruthless industrialist into the world’s greatest philanthropist. Could it really have been a desperate Irish immigrant, Clara Kelly, who was fortunate enough to answer to the name Clara Kelly, step aboard the carriage sent to transport domestic help to Pittsburgh.

Clara was a simple farm girl but her father had insisted she be educated and so with a very quick mind, she managed to impress Andrew Carnegie’s mother into becoming her ladies maid. When not attending to her new mistress, Clara was able to research the duties of being a ladies maid from the massive library kept in Carnegie’s home.

Soon the bond between Andrew and Clara became an undeniable attraction which also became noticeable to Andrew’s mother. Clara was forced by his mother to leave and not attempt to see or contact Andrew ever again, or the truth of where she came from and who she truly was would be revealed.

Clara did disappear and Andrew did his best to track her down but to no avail and after a year of extensive searches, PI’s and bounty hunters, Andrew eventually gave up the search. However, what changed were Andrew’s thoughts of the earlier talks that he and Clara had that one could assume, laid the foundation for his lasting legacy.

Personally, I found this to be an outstanding read and will highly recommend this book to all who like a little bit of fiction woven into history!

Marilyn Rondeau

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