• Marilyn Rondeau

Call it Magic by Janet Chapman

A Spellbound Falls Romance Book 7

Welcome back to Spellbound Falls, Maine—where love is forever and it seems like Magic is in the the air – “seems” – or is there real magic keeping true love where it needs to be?

Katy MacBain moved to Spellbound Falls with secrets and she’s not about to let anyone discover what they are. She is the newest member of the Fire and Rescue Team, and before arriving on the job she disappeared for three weeks – no explanations. But really, why should anyone care; and besides – her reasons are nobody’s business but hers. Furthermore Katy doesn’t understand why Gunnar Wolfe—the town’s interim fire chief and her boss—seems determined to uncover the truth of what happened to her during that time. Naturally, it’s bad enough that he’s nosing around, but did he have to so so hot? As a rule “hot” guys don’t affect her but ‘hot damn’ she’s definitely attracted to him and with him being her boss - this is not a good situation.

A confident firefighter, Gunnar Wolfe doesn’t give up—and he’s resolved to find out what’s up with the mysterious and beautiful Katy. As the newest member of his team, he’s naturally protective of her as he would of any new recruit. However, Gunnar has never been so attracted and totally captivated by the tenacious and talented woman who is so…magical.

Janet Chapman’s series have been one of my favorites since she created and brought this wonderfully magical family forward from the middle ages to today. What is bittersweet was knowing that this is the last book from Janet Chapman since she passed and many thanks to her family who let this book be published posthumously. What would be even better is if they could now come out with a SET of her books so I can re-read Janet’s wonderful world!

Marilyn Rondeau

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