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An Everyday Hero by Laura Trentham

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

SERIES: (Heart of a Hero #2)

One never knows what is held within the pages of a book. Sometimes the summary gives you a pretty good idea of the theme and you can choose your book that way; or it could just be a book cover; or simply a favorite author. In any event for AN EVERYDAY HERO hooked me right from the beginning.

Thirty-year-old Greer Hadley, our hard-ass heroine, has returned home, defeated by life and looking for comfort only to find her ‘so-called- Beau’ in flagrante delicto! Many things happened. The injured party, Greer, would need to have a few cocktails which would then cause said person to tear apart the bar, finishing the next morning in front of a judge who THEN decreed she pay for the damages and THEN hands her community service hours at a nonprofit organization that aids veterans and their families. At the music academy, Greer cannot fathom how she’s supposed to use music to help anyone deal with their trauma and loss when the one thing that brought her joy has failed her.

Greer’s first assignment was 15-year-old Ally Martinez, and her plans to stay detached and do as little as possible get thrown away. New to town and dealing with the death of her father in action, Ally hides her emotions behind a mask of bitterness and sarcasm, but Greer is able to see past it and recognizes pieces of who she once was in Ally.

Later Greer is assigned a veteran to help, she’s not surprised Emmett Lawson, the town’s golden boy followed his family’s legacy into the service. What leaves her shocked is the shell of a man who believes he doesn’t deserve anyone’s help. A breakthrough with Ally reminds Greer that no one is worth giving up on. So she shows up one day with his old guitar, and meets Emmett’s rage head on with her stubbornness, attitude, and just a little remembrance of her high school days ‘hero worship’.

This is another book I couldn’t put down - it was naturally very fast-paced with great writing featuring redemption, forgiveness, betrayal, and second chances.

I could say when life hands you lemons - you learn to make lemonade.

With AN EVERYDAY HERO, you will

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