• Marilyn Rondeau

All Scot and Bothered by Kerrigan Byrne

Book #2: The Devil You Know

Having read the first book in this series, I naturally wanted to continue with book two to discover what more adventures the Red Rogues could get into.

Cecilia Teague was an orphan until a secret benefactor from her mother’s scandalous past dropped into her life, releasing her from the cruelty of her psycho vicar father who made her life a living hell. From there Cecilia was sent to a prestigious school, then university where she and her best two friends Alexandra and Francesca all with red hair created a bond so great that they were known as the Red Rogues.

Now Cecilia has inherited a gambling establishment and an infamous Lord Chief Justice who wants nothing more than to close her down and put her away in jail for all the atrocities he assumes she and her establishment have created in HIS city. The raid came in after she had just assumed a seat at her benefactor's desk and both she and the Chief Justice traded jabs and insults to one another.

The honorable Lord Chief Justice of the High Court was Cassius Gerard Ramsey and his mission was to investigate the goings-on at London’s most notorious gaming hell, owned and operated by one of the most intriguing and desirable women he’s ever met. Only to find out later that Cecilia and his sister-in-law, the Duchess of Redmayne were bosom buddies.

This was a romantic adventure like nobodies business. The Lord Chief didn’t suffer fools gladly and once he discovered that Cecilia, the young woman he’d noticed at a ball was actually the disguised owner of the gambling establishment he felt like he had been made a fool of. But as both the romance and the mystery progressed a lot of secrets came out that were pivotal to what makes a splendid romantic and exciting mystery read.

Kerrigan Byrne has created a wonderful series and I am anxiously awaiting the third and final book to this series!

Marilyn Rondeau

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