• Marilyn Rondeau

After Sundown by Linda Howard

Owner of a General Store in Wears Valley, Tennessee, shy Sela Gordon finds safety and comfort in solitude. Every so often, her heart does a double take when the handsome and mysterious ex-military man living alone near the top of Cove Mountain comes in for supplies and gas. For the last two years he’s never said a word - come in gathers his supplies – pays and leaves – until today. Today he warns her that a catastrophic solar storm capable of taking down the power grid is coming and advises her to stockpile essentials that she’ll need for a long period of time.

Someone has to keep the small community together to work for the good of all and Sela needs to find the courage to bear that responsibility. Ben Jerrigan, although he warned her what was coming wanted nothing to do with anything. For two years he lived in a self imposed exile looking after number one with a top-notch security system to keep people away. But he couldn’t deny the fact that Sela, quiet and undeniably sexy, had somehow broken through his tough exterior and he had lowered his guard.

When panic strikes two things seem to happen - some people gather together to find common ground in pooling talents and provisions to face grave circumstances. Then you have others, whose greed and selfishness cause danger to all. When this happened, even a hardened ex-military man saw the need to step up and come to the aid for the good and to protect the woman who had broken through his tough heart.

All of the characters were pretty much fleshed out and very interesting. Ben and Sela’s romance was very sweet and made me feel good to see two damaged souls find one another. Definitely a recommended read.

This was a very good read and made me think of what the world is going through right now with the COVID 19 virus racing around the world. Even though we still have electricity and can find supplies and gas - think of what we would do in a case of being shut off from all the utilities we take for granted.

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