• Marilyn Rondeau

A Wizards Choice by Maya Taylor

Like his father before him, Wizard apprentice Kurtis Warde is not sure about becoming a full-fledged wizard.

Knowing his decision could break his grandfather’s heart, Kurtis was soulfully searching his heart for The Choice to take that would make his grandfather happy, but would it not make him miserable to forfeit his personal choice to pursue the intriguing Vampiress he was on fire for? After all, his grandfather had raised him from an infant and didn’t he owe him loyalty?

However, there is a great upheaval in the magical world and was he the one who could right the wrongs of a long-held feud between the Fairies and the Wizards. If the feud is not settled, Kurtis could lose more than his friends from both sides as well as his new life coach, Alina.

In this fast-moving and magical tale, you are introduced to a pretty unusual magical world where nothing seems quite real. Except for the emotional feelings of the cast of real characters, who one quickly becomes quite fond of, the story almost seems that if any choice Kurtis makes - someone will be very hurt. Talk about being between a ‘rock and a hard place’! This would be The Choice that was being forced unto this young man.

That being said, there were other factors that would come to light that would make Kurtis’ choices even more life-changing depending on whether he could get through to two very stubborn Fairies and Wizards and get them to listen!

A very unique and highly entertaining read!

Marilyn Rondeau

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