• Marilyn Rondeau

A Sweet Mess by Jacy Lee

I had agreed to review this book a couple of months ago and dutifully added to my calendar as to when I should start it. In time I went searching and found the file missing. Thank you to Jacy’s publicist who was able to get this MOBI file to me fast enough for me to have the opportunity to read and, ohhhh I am so thankful she did!

Not only did this book make me drool over the various desserts that were described but the romance between Landen and Aubrey was indescribable sexy without having to use erotic imagery to convey lovemaking. Bravo to this author who can write sensual without the need to describe every inch of a persons private parts!

Only fate had made Landon Kim stop in the small time of Weldon where he happened upon the bustling bakery owned by Aubrey Choi. The scents of fresh-baked bread and displays of phenomenal baked goods led Landon to order the featured cake of the day. Only the cake he was given was made for specifically for a 6-year-olds birthday party with surprises baked inside.

Landon who was a world-renowned food reviewer wrote a scathing review on Aubrey’s bakery and no amount of explanations of why the cake was made that way would sway him to rewrite a new review – it was against his code of ethics.

Even when Landon discovered the owner was the woman he had had the most perfect sexual encounter with. He still couldn’t file a retraction or write another review. Suffice it to say, the story didn’t end there and the antics and continuation of how Landon attempted to make it up to Aubrey were pure genius.

This was a perfectly marvelous read and I highly recommend it to folks looking for a quick and embraceable read for the summer – or anytime at all!

Marilyn Rondeau

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